Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Routines, routines

I'm all about routines -- they make me feel safe and happy. Yep, this is Jada. I thought you should know some things about me right from the horse's -- er, cat's mouth. This is Kittitas, you know. Veritas about kitties. So without further delay, here's a look at how I've been spending my days with Dieter and Leslie.

7 a.m.: As soon as I hear the alarm clock go off in Dieter and Leslie's bedroom, I make adorable meows and chirruping sounds outside their door so they'll come out. When they do, I walk them to my dish so they know it's empty.

8:30 a.m.: Breakfast! When that can of food comes out of the fridge, I dash up the stairs to my kitty suite.

9 or 10 a.m.: Litterbox time. Leslie made sure I got a spacious one for my toilette. There's nothing worse than a litterbox that's too small.

11 a.m.: Pondering the meaning of a cat's life in my cozy kitty bed. The sun comes through the nearby windows and warms this spot nicely.

12 p.m.: Playtime with my kibble toy. Leslie puts the dry food inside and I bat it around.

1 p.m.: Making biscuits on my favorite blanket on the couch and then settling in for an afternoon nap.

4 or 5 p.m.: Bathing my beautiful coat. It's not easy keeping the floof in good shape, but I am a fastidious groomer.

6 p.m.: Dieter comes home. Playtime with my feather toy, shoelace, or Spider! And time to start staking out the fridge while Dieter and Leslie make dinner.

8 p.m.: Doing my rounds of the house. Have to keep tabs on my space, you know. I stop by the fridge a few times just to remind everyone that I need to eat too.

8:30 p.m.: Dinner! Off to my kitty suite again.

9:00 p.m.: A little more playtime and/or people-watching from the stair landing.

11 p.m.: Bedtime for Dieter and Leslie. They give me goodnight pets and snuggles and turn out the lights.


Marlene said...

Such a well-thought out schedule. Thank you for posting it. I think that it will come in handy one day.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Sounds like a healthy, well rounded day, Jada! Thanks for sharing! Would you ask your mom to let me know what kind of kibble toy you have? And where she found it! I think that would be popular at our place!

Leslie said...

Glad it was helpful to everyone! Lisa, the kibble toy is the one I'm playing with here. Instructions on how to make one are included!

kittykye said...

It's hard work bein' a kitty, but someone's gotta do it ;)

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