Friday, October 29, 2010


That's what's been going on around here.

For me, that means a bunch of time-consuming testing (we still don't know what exactly is wrong, but hopefully we'll get some answers before Thanksgiving?). For Meow Meow, it means hanging out in the papasan chair with me -- I needed a change of scene -- while I try to get work done in between trips to the doctor.

Leslie: "Makes a pretty decent kitty bed with a human in it, no?"

Meow Meow: "Yes! So ... why did you get up?"

I know I've been scarce around the blogosphere. Forgive the gap in posting and visits. We've got a lot going on chez Kittitas.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

You've forgotten something

As you already may have guessed, the living room couch is where I've been doing much of my thesis work. There are few distractions there (nothing but the fireplace to look at) and the coffee table offers ample space for spreading out books, documents, and other research artifacts. Mornings are rare for inspiration, but sometimes I get some ideas and I fire up the laptop. When things are really working, I can disappear into writing-land for about two hours. (And then, inevitably, my brain gets tired and I have to go do something else, like, say, reading foster blogs.)

Meow Meow likes to remind me when I haven't brought her breakfast in a timely fashion. Usually it's a verbal request, something along the lines of "mrow-ROW!" (which is very different from any of her other kitty-speak). Occasionally, though, she goes for a more artistic message involving the upstairs balcony ledge and the wall above the fireplace:

Very clever, little girl. I get the picture ...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A fitting way to mark the occasion?

Yes indeed, we're celebrating Kittitas' first anniversary today! It's hard to believe a full year has gone by -- it seems as if only a few weeks ago, we were getting to know a certain floofy black beauty who started us on the road to here. We've very much enjoyed our year of fosters, getting to know them and learning what makes each cat unique. And we look forward to meeting more kitties and figuring out what their favorite pastimes are.

Every single one of our guests has enjoyed the Spider, that little piece of ribbon on a nylon cord we introduced here. So I was especially amused when Meow Meow managed to find a REAL spider to hunt this week.

She enjoys batting at foam packing peanuts with a dainty paw, so this self-propelled creature provided lots of intrigue.

To the humans who've introduced themselves to us -- through blogging, working at the SHS and/or other shelters, adopting, and more -- thank you for reading! We're so glad to have met you. We have a feeling our fosters are glad about that too.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The chance to get back to fostering has been eluding me.

There was my parents' visit. Then Meow Meow's dental surgery and recovery. By the time she was back in top shape, we had only a short window before the out-of-town wedding. No fair inviting a kitty into our home only to take it back to the shelter a week later, right? We try to keep our guests until we can help them find permanent families. So, I told myself, after the trip.

Well, the health problem I thought was something minor a few weeks back has turned into something bigger that needs follow-up. So apparently, fostering has to get postponed again. I'm disappointed.

Meow Meow's looking after me in her own sweet way. Today's perch of choice was on the arm of the couch, where I was within easy reach for head-bumps (that's the collar of my fleece in the lower left corner of the shot). So we're doing all right, just in need of some tests to see what's going on with me.

Until all this is done, we'll definitely keep the Meow Meow updates coming. We'd also love to hear how our former fosters are doing -- hint, hint! -- as our one-year anniversary approaches, so if you've got news, do share!
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