Sunday, October 17, 2010

You've forgotten something

As you already may have guessed, the living room couch is where I've been doing much of my thesis work. There are few distractions there (nothing but the fireplace to look at) and the coffee table offers ample space for spreading out books, documents, and other research artifacts. Mornings are rare for inspiration, but sometimes I get some ideas and I fire up the laptop. When things are really working, I can disappear into writing-land for about two hours. (And then, inevitably, my brain gets tired and I have to go do something else, like, say, reading foster blogs.)

Meow Meow likes to remind me when I haven't brought her breakfast in a timely fashion. Usually it's a verbal request, something along the lines of "mrow-ROW!" (which is very different from any of her other kitty-speak). Occasionally, though, she goes for a more artistic message involving the upstairs balcony ledge and the wall above the fireplace:

Very clever, little girl. I get the picture ...


Marlene said...

Beautiful! That is a lovely way to alert you :)

HubbleSpacePaws said...

What a gorgeous shot, Leslie! Very clever girl, indeed!

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