Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The chance to get back to fostering has been eluding me.

There was my parents' visit. Then Meow Meow's dental surgery and recovery. By the time she was back in top shape, we had only a short window before the out-of-town wedding. No fair inviting a kitty into our home only to take it back to the shelter a week later, right? We try to keep our guests until we can help them find permanent families. So, I told myself, after the trip.

Well, the health problem I thought was something minor a few weeks back has turned into something bigger that needs follow-up. So apparently, fostering has to get postponed again. I'm disappointed.

Meow Meow's looking after me in her own sweet way. Today's perch of choice was on the arm of the couch, where I was within easy reach for head-bumps (that's the collar of my fleece in the lower left corner of the shot). So we're doing all right, just in need of some tests to see what's going on with me.

Until all this is done, we'll definitely keep the Meow Meow updates coming. We'd also love to hear how our former fosters are doing -- hint, hint! -- as our one-year anniversary approaches, so if you've got news, do share!


Marlene said...

Hope you're doing well. Thanks for the Meow Meow update :) Hope that your former fosters give us updates too!

Anju said...

I hope you get better soon. How do you think Meow Meow will like the new fosters?

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh no, honey!!! Lottsa purrs comin' to you for a quick healing! And fingers crossed for detailed and joyous updates!

Anonymous said...

See, Meow Meow came to you at just the perfect time. Wouldn't it be awful to be catless when you aren't feeling well?

Leslie said...

Marlene -- thanks. We can't wait to hear about our previous guests. It's amazing how much we learned from them along the way. It's been a richer year because of that.

Anju -- we've been wondering the same about Meow Meow and other kitties. We suspect she'll be all right as she's quite mellow. She had a sister kitty at one time who passed away before Meow Meow came to us (I imagine if she'd survived, we would have fostered the pair). At the shelter, she was also pretty interested in the other cats around her without showing any signs of intimidation or aggression. So we're hoping she'll enjoy the company! (When we get to that point ...)

Lisa -- thank you! I'm so impatient. If we were hunting prey rather than waiting on my body to patch itself up, Meow Meow would totally scold me for fidgeting. Speaking of which, she caught her first live target this week. Story in the next post!

Caroline -- it's so true! It WOULD be awful without a kitty. I'm so glad to have her (and the rest of the kitty blogging world, where I can enjoy the antics of other felines while I'm under the weather).

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