Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double your pleasure, double your sun

Back when we were trying to help Meow Meow learn where not to scratch, we taped foil around the areas of the couch she especially liked to claw. She's made the adjustment to her scratching post, as you know, and has also taken a liking to some doormats we have in the front hall (a frequent favorite with previous fosters).

We haven't taken down the foil yet, as we've wanted to give Meow Meow's habits time to cement themselves. In the meantime, it seems she's found an additional use for the reflective coating on the back of the couch: multi-directional sunbathing.

Back and front, warmed at the same time! Enjoy it while it lasts, Meow Meow. Previous guests here will tell you the weather's not always this luxurious ...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meow Meow would like you to believe she's helping

... but a kitty on one's chest does not make for easy typing!

I'm still poking away at my thesis, which is a lot less relaxing than it looks. (Really!) That's what I've been working on since last fall. We're heading for an out-of-town wedding in a week, so I'm trying very hard to get a chapter written before then.

Meow Meow's opinion of the whole business improves by the day. The flatter the project lays me out, the more lounge time she gets! Sorry, sweetie, but your mother would like to graduate this spring -- don't count on this becoming a permanent arrangement.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


... that I have been doing something in the last week, despite the lack of posting here:

Serving as a kitty bed! Yep, that's the kitchen table behind Meow Meow, and she's staking her claim to my lap (breakfast is her favorite time to hop up).

Actually, I've been cranking out work for two professors, so it's been busy. You know that whole butt-in-chair philosophy on writing? I'm employing it, which means plenty of opportunity for you-know-who to hang out you-know-where.

I think I need to use a better cushion this week or my sit-bones are going to be permanently bruised. Meow Meow, though, seems to have no complaints about her accommodations ...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Good company

Dieter's been out of town since Thursday, so it's been just me and Meow Meow, or Meow Squared, for the long weekend. (Thanks, Marlene, for the perfect nickname!)

I was under the weather for most of Thursday and Friday, which was no fun especially because I was on my own. But Meow Meow, sweetheart that she is, stayed close and has even started jumping into my lap when I sit at the kitchen table. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate having this little lovebug around? (The photos below weren't shot this weekend, but they're pretty representative of what she does whenever I'm curled up on the sofa.)

All's well here, Dieter, but I think Meow Meow is looking forward to a proper game of where's Hobbes when you get back tomorrow.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


After a week of rest (and Leslie keeping camera time to a minimum), Meow Meow is more or less her usual self. Less one tooth and more mischievous! On her first afternoon home, she was hungry (no food allowed the night before the procedure and a reduced amount once she was awake, just in case the anesthesia upset her tummy), so she took matters into her own paws and went digging in the kitchen trash can when I wasn't looking.

We forgive you, Meow Meow. Yes, we know you know how to work that charm; you used it for the first half of August on your grandmother (below).

We're still keeping the lid on the trash, though. Just sayin'.
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