Thursday, September 2, 2010


After a week of rest (and Leslie keeping camera time to a minimum), Meow Meow is more or less her usual self. Less one tooth and more mischievous! On her first afternoon home, she was hungry (no food allowed the night before the procedure and a reduced amount once she was awake, just in case the anesthesia upset her tummy), so she took matters into her own paws and went digging in the kitchen trash can when I wasn't looking.

We forgive you, Meow Meow. Yes, we know you know how to work that charm; you used it for the first half of August on your grandmother (below).

We're still keeping the lid on the trash, though. Just sayin'.


Marlene said...

Grandma doesn't look like she had much resistance to Meow Meow's charms. I don't anyone could resist!

Hope Meow Meow's dental issues are all over!

Leslie said...

The dental issues will require preventative care to keep them from coming back (Meow Meow's just prone to them, it seems), so we're working on getting a regimen started. Dental treats first, then perhaps an introduction to toothpaste ...

angie said...

irresistible is right! <3

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