Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is that ...

... what I think it is?

It's got two legs and they're parallel to the floor. Might it be a lap?

Nope, decidedly not. I don't do knees, you know. They slope -- suboptimal for sitting on. I mean, really, how do you expect me to -- oh wait. Wait! I didn't mean for you to go away; where are you going?

The sofa? THE SOFA! Oh please, please sit down, please, please, please ...

Okay. Now no more walking around for the rest of the day. Lily says so.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The grass is always greener ...

Oh, wistful Lily. We've had our windows open to keep the house cool over the last few weeks, and she's been jonesing for a romp in the garden. At every chance she gets, she hops up on a sill and gazes longingly through the screens at those prime prowling grounds. (According to her paperwork, her previous owner of ten years allowed her to roam outdoors in summer.)

Unfortunately, we can't let Lily explore -- our neighborhood has some significant coyote traffic -- but she still dreams about the possibility.

Follow-up note: We figured out what's happened to Lily's profile on the SHS website. Because there are so many animals that need homes, their profiles are rotated on and off the site so as not to overwhelm potential adopters browsing for a furry friend. If you have questions about Lily for the folks at the Humane Society, we have direct contact information now posted in our sidebar.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All tucked in

Lily would like you to know that her favorite napping positions are very compact ones:

Which means she would take up very little space in your bed, if you were willing to share.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


If you remember, Meow Meow was a fiend for microfiber when we first brought her home, so she was having a field day with our couches until we took a trip to the fabric store and got her some microfiber she could scratch to her heart's content. Of course, then we discovered she liked corrugated cardboard even more, and the scratching post became significantly less interesting to her.

Well, the scratching post has a new best friend.

Lily loved it when we sprinkled catnip at the base, but she didn't really scratch so much as rub her head all over it. Out of curiosity, we decided to remove the microfiber wrapping last week, and now, it's her first stop on her morning rounds of the living room. See?

Okay, I admit, it's hard to pick her out in front of the fireplace. You could say Lily knows just how to blend in ... ?

Technical note: we've been alerted that Lily's profile on the Humane Society website has gone missing, but we're hoping to find out what's happened soon. If you're interested in meeting Lily or just have questions about her, you can still contact us directly at

Monday, August 15, 2011

Why yes, I'd like to sleep on your tummy

Matt and Mary are friends of ours who passed through Seattle while on their honeymoon last month. They fell in love with both our kitty residents, but Lily especially benefited from their visit. Clearly, there cannot be too many laps chez Kittitas for our sweet gray girl.

I don't think Lily was quite ready for Matt and Mary to return to St. Louis when they had to leave again. (We don't blame her.)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting closer ...

The rush of visitors is past for the moment, and life chez Kittitas is a little bit closer to normal again. Rather, new normal -- over the last month, Lily and Meow Meow have continued to establish a relationship of sorts (each more or less tolerating the other). They still hiss and growl when they come across each other unexpectedly, but most of the time, both cats coexist without drama.

I'm not sure exactly what shifted, but I suspect that the allure of this naptime spot has forced both kitties to learn how to share. (Though Lily clearly would prefer to have it all to herself.)

Don't let that disgruntled look fool you. Both cats were purring after I put down the camera.

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