Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Meow Meow loves recycling

So that kitty afghan I mentioned I might knit? I did.

Here's what the yarn was originally part of -- a scarf I'd made in college that was just too bulky and itchy to wear against my neck. You can just make it out under Meow Meow. I'd already turned half of it into a hat and mittens (which are much more comfortable than their predecessor) and needed a way to use up the leftover wool. Since Meow Meow was so attracted to that particular piece of knitting to nap on while I was working on the other pieces, I figured turning the leftover scarf into a mat for her was the perfect use. The bonus for us: much less fur to comb out of the couch!

I suspect she knew what I was doing as she really wanted to be in on the process ...

I realized after I'd finished that I should have put a border on it so the blanket wouldn't roll at the edges, but Meow Meow doesn't seem to mind. Right, Meow Meow?

Meow Meow?

Well, you get the picture.
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