Thursday, June 6, 2013

I suppose it goes without saying

... that new babies completely change your life.

We are emerging from our first four months with Owen, and I have to say, it's been quite a roller coaster in the last 16 weeks. Owen had feeding problems from the very beginning that took the first month of his life to diagnose. Then we started pursuing help for him for much of the second. By the third month, we'd found a sort-of routine, but it involved pumping milk round-the-clock for him. It still does. But fortunately, he's thriving and finally getting to the point where we might be able to get him nursing again with a lot of practice and patience.

Meow Meow's been very tolerant of the changes in our availability, though she's been having a rough time with hairballs in the last month. The poor girl is shedding her winter coat but hasn't had the help we usually give her in grooming it all off, so she's been managing on her own with unfortunate digestive side effects.

Owen was asleep this morning during breakfast, so Meow Meow got a little extra attention. She hopped up on my seat with a hopeful look and then thrust her head under my arm. I knew it had been too long since she'd had proper snuggle time and, of course, mention here.

We're hoping life will be less of a circus in a few weeks -- two more months and Owen can start solid food. For now, we're continuing in survival mode and thankful that everyone in our little family is otherwise hanging in there.

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