Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Magic treat dispenser?

We're pleased to report that, after following some of the great suggestions folks have sent, Meow Meow has gotten quite accustomed to her scratching post! With frequent play sessions around it and the discovery of a treat she likes, we managed to get her interested in hanging around the base in hopes of getting some string-chasing time (supervised) or finding a tasty nibble tucked into the fabric. One day, she just decided to try buffing her little claws on the microfiber. To her delight, there were no interruptions!

She hasn't quite figured out how to make treats appear at will -- I'm not always there to reward her -- but she's hopeful.

The habit isn't totally in place yet, so we're trying to stay consistent with the training. This may prove to be a little challenging in the immediate future -- Meow Meow goes to the vet today for some much-needed dental work. She'll be anesthetized and will likely have to have a painful-looking tooth taken out (she hasn't complained, but cats are good at hiding illness and injury). We're hoping she'll come through the procedure without complications. This does mean we'll also be delaying fostering until she's recovered, but we're looking forward to having a guest again soon!


Marlene said...

Have I mentioned how much I love Meow Meow's name! It's awesome.

Hope all goes well with her tooth surgery. Purrs and hugs to you, Meow Meow!

Leslie said...

She's home as of this afternoon and doing well, Marlene! Thanks for the good wishes. Meow Meow sends her love -- lots of it. It seems the morphine is making her extra affectionate. And I thought her usual begging for belly action was already above average ...

Anonymous said...

yay! *HAPPY DANCING* :-)

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