Thursday, August 18, 2011


If you remember, Meow Meow was a fiend for microfiber when we first brought her home, so she was having a field day with our couches until we took a trip to the fabric store and got her some microfiber she could scratch to her heart's content. Of course, then we discovered she liked corrugated cardboard even more, and the scratching post became significantly less interesting to her.

Well, the scratching post has a new best friend.

Lily loved it when we sprinkled catnip at the base, but she didn't really scratch so much as rub her head all over it. Out of curiosity, we decided to remove the microfiber wrapping last week, and now, it's her first stop on her morning rounds of the living room. See?

Okay, I admit, it's hard to pick her out in front of the fireplace. You could say Lily knows just how to blend in ... ?

Technical note: we've been alerted that Lily's profile on the Humane Society website has gone missing, but we're hoping to find out what's happened soon. If you're interested in meeting Lily or just have questions about her, you can still contact us directly at

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