Friday, October 29, 2010


That's what's been going on around here.

For me, that means a bunch of time-consuming testing (we still don't know what exactly is wrong, but hopefully we'll get some answers before Thanksgiving?). For Meow Meow, it means hanging out in the papasan chair with me -- I needed a change of scene -- while I try to get work done in between trips to the doctor.

Leslie: "Makes a pretty decent kitty bed with a human in it, no?"

Meow Meow: "Yes! So ... why did you get up?"

I know I've been scarce around the blogosphere. Forgive the gap in posting and visits. We've got a lot going on chez Kittitas.

1 comment:

Marlene said...

No worries about being busy and all. We know how that is.

I hope all is well with you!!!

hugs and purrs to you and yours.

Skritches to Meow Meow.

9, Chani and Marlene

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