Sunday, November 8, 2009

The not-so-itsy Spider

If you're wondering how Dieter's been helping Jada shed some weight, here's one of his best tricks -- a piece of ribbon tied to a sturdy nylon cord. Jada loves going after this because the target she chases is small. (She seems to prefer stalking prey she can cover with a single paw.) We've nicknamed this toy the Spider because it can be made to behave a lot like the real thing.

(Apologies for the video quality -- we're working on better filming techniques!)


webbthistle said...

Wow - Love to see Jada jumping and playing like that! Leaping away the pounds! Will have to give this a try with my not-so-little one who is not that entranced by the usual kitty toys!

Marlene said...

Jada is so floofy! Love to see her jumping and playing

Leslie said...

This toy is definitely Jada's absolute favorite -- hope it works for your kitty, webbthistle!

kleinwort said...

I think your filming is fine... love to see them in action!

And Dieter is the soul of patience!!

(from Space Paws... this is my other account)

Leslie said...

Lisa, love the David McEnery photo. Before we were able to have cats, his calendars provided my kitty fix. As for the filming, we're hoping to get shots more in focus :)

Dieter IS the soul of patience. It amazes me how much he puts into getting Jada up and moving.

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