Thursday, November 12, 2009

There's a toy at the end of the tunnel

One of Jada's favorite ambush spots is behind the giant piece of whiteboard we use to block off the stairs at night (yes, we jury-rig a lot of things around here). When we're not using it, it just leans against the upstairs railing. Here's how it becomes the perfect hiding place:

Jada: "Ah ha! I see you, Spider."

Dieter: "Only for now. Watch this!"

Jada: "But -- but -- "

Dieter: "Where'd it go, where'd it go?"

Dieter: "There it is! Get it, Jada."

Jada: "You know, sometimes I think he thinks I'm a toy."


Marlene said...

Jada, just humor the human. They can be quite entertaining in their own right

9 and Chani

HubbleSpacePaws said...

But you are my sweet Jada! Give a human one bit of cuteness and they try to get it out of you over and over again!

Leslie said...

Wisdom spoken by experienced kitties and the people who love them :).

I'm guessing Jada was an only cat before she had to be surrendered, so she might not have had older siblings around to show her the fun in making humans do entertaining things.

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