Thursday, November 19, 2009


As of last night, Jada has a new family of her very own! And lucky girl, one of those family members is a big brother kitty for her to play with.

Trevor, Jada's new dad, was very kind and posted an update on her first 12 hours in her new home. He writes:

Hey everyone! My girlfriend, myself, and our wonderful kitty Bluto (who could pass for her twin) adopted wonderful little Jada last night. I am happy to report that she is eating, drinking, and eliminating just fine. She spent her first night with us last night in our office. She is such a curious little cutie. There are plenty of places for her to hide, but she is not bashful. She hangs out right in the open underneath my desk. She is still kind of unsure of us, as she gets a little bit hissy, but no strikes, and she will let us pet her for a second. Bluto has taken a keen interest in her, and for a second, was only set on defending his territory, but that was over in less than 2 minutes. Now he just wants to be her friend. Jada doesn't want anything of it at this point though. She seemed interested at first, but has now resorted to hissing and growling at him :D

Bluto mreowls, Jada growls. Its pretty cute.
Thank you Leslie and Dieter for taking care of her so well!

Awww, Trevor. You're so very welcome! Thanks for the update so soon after taking Jada home. Bluto sounds like a gentleman :). Be patient, big brother! Jada will come around when she's ready.

Here's one last glamour shot of Jada. We'll miss you dearly, Miss Fluffernutter, but we are so happy for you.

In honor of beloved kitties, I'm going to direct you to this link. Enjoy.


angie said...

congratulations jada! i will miss your beautiful fur and pouty lip.

webbthistle said...

Yay for Jada! She is going to do well in her forever home, especially with a big brother as an exercise buddy. Great news - though I will miss reading about her. Updates often, please!

Sue said...

Excellent news! And great work you guys. Sounds like she got a perfectly lovely new home.

Leslie said...

Thanks for all the lovely wishes for Jada, angie and webbthistle. And thanks, Sue, for your encouragement! Jada deserved everything we could do for her.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

OMG! Wonderful! Bon voyage Jada, honey! It will be a wonderful adventure getting to know your new furever family!

((Leslie & Dieter)) We know you'll miss her, but what Sue said! Ya done good!

Leslie said...

Thanks, Lisa! It was worth it just to see the looks on her new parents' faces when they came to get her. Jada's in wonderful hands.

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