Friday, November 20, 2009

A little cleanup, and then we'll be back

You didn't think we were going to stop after one kitty, did you?

Good! Neither did we.

The kitty suite is undergoing preparation for a new resident, who will be joining us very shortly. I wasn't sure if I'd be emotionally ready to take on another one so soon, but the Jada-shaped hole in my heart needs filling! (It helped that I put Jada's bedding in the laundry right after she left so I wouldn't have to see the empty spot by our bedroom door the next morning, but without her little mewls at 7 a.m., it was impossible not to miss her.)

So I'm off to finish putting things in order before we head back to the SHS. Pictures to come, I promise. For now, here's a shot of Jada and her gorgeous tail. I think I'm going to miss seeing that part of her, flicking here and there around our furniture, the most.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is DEFINITELY one beautiful tail.

I felt that ache in my heart as I read your entry. I feel that same exact way when I have to board my cats the night before a trip with an early departure. The house just seems ... empty.

I hope to read more updates on Jada! Can't wait to see/read about the new kitty.

Marlene said...

So glad to hear about Jada being adopted and having a big brother. And I'm so glad you are fostering another kitty. It takes a special person to open their heart like this.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

It does get better, Leslie. As each of the kittehs has left (especially Fred, for some reason), I thought for sure the lump in my throat would never pass.

And, as thier furever parents sent pics and reports of them settling in to their furever homes, it got better. I still get a little teary when I see Jasper (Fred's new name) pics, but it's now a good kind of teary.

Glad you and Dieter are jumping back in!

Leslie said...

Thanks, everyone! There were DEFINITELY tears on my part before Jada's new parents arrived. Once I got the confirmation from the SHS that her adoption was going to go through, I cuddled her for a while and told her how happy we were for her. She seemed to know I was sad -- she gave me lots of head-bumps.

I'm off to the shelter in fifteen minutes!! Very excited :)

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