Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting some R&R

Sara is our guest for at least the next week or two as we help her get over a kitty cold. She is resting at our place so she doesn't give her sniffles to any other kitties at the shelter. This means she sneezes and coughs a bit and has to have antibiotics once a day, but she should be in top shape soon. And then we can work on helping her find a new family.

Despite having this bug, Sara is very active and affectionate. She loves being scratched and stroked! Dieter and I have determined that the two-person petting method is one of her favorites. I hold her so that she's resting securely in my arms but has her two front legs free (stretched out and dangling). Then Dieter pets and scratches her head and neck while she kneads his chest with her front paws, purring blissfully the entire time.


angie said...

what a sweetheart!

Nadine said...

Aw, such a sweetie ... get well soon!

kittykye said...

I'm just getting to my comments on all this transition right now!
I can't believe Jada is gone... I'm really going to miss seeing her day-to-day with you guys. But, at the same time, I'm really happy for her - and I'm glad she's finally going to a great home! I hope they continue to give you updates on her and her new brother :)
It's nice to see that you've got yourself a new resident already though. I hope that Sara feels better soon. I know it's tough to watch them when they're sick. Just lots of love and TLC and I'm sure she'll pull through (and I can tell she'll be getting lots of that with no problem!)

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Look at that adorable little tongue!! Glad to hear she's loving the loving!!

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