Monday, October 19, 2009

In which Jada plays with her food

One day, while Leslie was giving Jada a treat after a brief grooming session, she noticed Jada reaching for the zip-top foil bag of remaining treats, trying to get her paw inside (Leslie had put it on the floor nearby). This gave Leslie an idea for a toy, which she put together as follows:

1) Find a cylindrical plastic container with a lid that snaps on tight -- like the ones that cut-up melon and pineapple are sold in at the grocery store.

2) Fill the container with a small serving of dry cat food.

3) Snap the lid on partially so that dry food can escape a few pieces at a time when the container is rolled along the ground.

4) Introduce the container to kitty.

The results were pretty good, once Jada figured out how the toy worked. Now, she bats it around with great enthusiasm whenever she's hungry between her morning and evening meals. It keeps her from getting too ravenous and scarfing her wet food down too quickly (which can lead to tummy upsets).

Care to demonstrate how it works for us, Jada?

Well, you get the idea.


Bev said...

WHAT a smart idea! I'll have to remember that one.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Great idea! We'll have to try that one at Space Paws!!

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