Thursday, October 15, 2009

This just in!

What? What? We're all ears ...

Here's the big news: October is Adopt-A-Cat Month at the Seattle Humane Society! And in honor of this occasion, adoption fees for all cats one year or older are waived. This means that Jada could be someone's very own for free.

What do you think about that, Jada?

Ope, she's trying to give us a head-bump. I think that means she's excited.


sue said...

Hi Leslie!

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to photograph black kitties. My sweet Audrey and Lorna have not made many appearances for that very reason.

I think your pix are lovely, as is the beautiful Jada.

Best of luck with the blog. You're doing a wonderful thing.


Leslie said...

Thanks, Sue! You are too :)

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