Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pardon me, Miss Mimi

... but might we get a photo or two for your fans?

Mimi: "Mmm, nope, not yet. Keeping this coat white takes work, you know."

She's right. With such an abundance of floof, her fur coat requires regular attention from her to keep tangles at bay. Fortunately, now that she has lots of space to stretch and twist and bend, she's been grooming herself with abandon. She's also happy to accept help from a human in those harder-to-reach places, like parts of her chest and tummy. She rolls over promptly when we offer our brushing services.


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Yes, indeed, it's so important for a lady to take good personal care!

Our floofy Bitty does a good job on her own, but come spring, and prime shedding season, she needs some help with those pesky mats. (And every year I'm "surprised" that she suddenly has mats after 9-10 mat free months with her doing all... or most... of the work!)

Marlene said...

Ooooh floofy belly! What is it about kitty bellies that are just so attractive???

angie said...

she looks SO soft! *pet pet*

my bf's persian is a PAIN to groom - she does NOT let you get to her chest or belly. and eventually we have to attack her with scissors to get her mats out. and then she looks like a little girl who cut her own hair LOL!

Leslie said...

We've been lucky that Mimi has been accepting of our help. She had TONS of fur that needed to be brushed out of her coat when she first arrived, just to prevent so many hairballs (she had quite a few in the first few days). We worked in short sessions so as not to try her patience (already more generous than most to begin with).

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