Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The genuine article, please

So we know Etta loves our flying feather toy -- against her own shyer tendencies, she'll leave the coziest corners to give it a pounce. But there's one thing she likes even more: real birds.

We were in the midst of an enthusiastic play session when Etta heard a brief little twitter from outside. In the next instant, she was on the window ledge.

Can't beat the real thing for entertainment, I guess!


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Smart girl! No cheezy substitutes for her when the real thing is at hand! ;-)

Marlene said...

Very smart indeed. My friend's cat has a thing for hummingbirds and the hummingbirds know it... incited him to run head first smack into a closed window... poor kitty. I'm sure Etta is too smart for that :D

Leslie said...

Smart hummingbirds, Marlene! Wow ...

No, Etta seems to understand the concept of windows and walls :). Mimi occasionally gets a little too enthusiastic when she's pursuing the Spider and runs headlong into something. But she shakes it off pretty easily.

Lisa, I'm thinking our substitute may be losing its appeal to Etta. It's taken some damage from her and doesn't look quite the same!

Nini said...

Haha that face speaks louder than a thousand meows!
Someone would like her some tweety for dinner!

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