Thursday, February 11, 2010

Variations on a theme

Missy has been doing very well on Dieter's exercise plan -- she came to us at 13 pounds and is now down to 11.5. With continued activity, she may reach her ideal weight (10 pounds) in another month or so.

We like to make playtime as much fun as possible (more fun means more incentive to move!), so once we've figured out a kitty's favorite toy, we try to throw in new ways of incorporating it into play.

So. We spent Sunday morning trying to get some things ready to sell on Craigslist, which means there were a few boxes in the living room ...

What happens if we take the Spider near one of them?

Now this offers a new perspective on things!

Must -- get -- Spider --

Uh oh. Now what?

It looks like there may be more ways to play with this box than we anticipated ...


angie said...

lol the tongue picture!!!!!! great capture!

my cats can keep themselves entertained with a box alone. and then add a twist tie within the vicinity - hours of entertainment!

and way to go missy, looking good!

Leslie said...

I couldn't believe the tongue picture was actually reasonably in focus -- some of these shots were really on the fly while the action was going!

Marlene said...

Great shots! Anytime you get the elusive kitty tongue in a picture, it's a great shot.

9 loves boxes and throw in a feather toy... he's a happy boy. You know both 9 and Chani love the box jungle that is my life in my parents' living room. I'm going to have to keep some of them for them to play in when we finally move!

Leslie said...

For some reason, our feather toy is not that interesting to the kitties we've fostered -- we're guessing it might be a size issue (too big and therefore intimidating, even when it's just hanging and not being made to move). Hard to say :)

9 and Chani and a box jungle! Sounds like kitty heaven. Careful, though -- you may never unpack!

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