Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey ...

You're not going to get up from this couch without giving me a belly rub, are you?

Are you?

I think Dieter is having Missy withdrawal -- he's all by himself at home while I'm away. So these pictures are for him as much as the rest of you wonderful readers!

We also have an update from Sue, Missy's new mom. I'll let her tell you how things are going:

She is doing well. Picked her up Monday night as I'm sure Dieter told you. My 16 year old son, Thomas, sat in the back seat with her and she talked a little on the way home. We kept her in the laundry room the first night and spent time talking with and petting her. She ate her dinner (dry and wet) and had no problem settling into her new bed. I showed her the litterbox and she has been using it without issue since.

Yesterday, I let her out and let her roam the house with the bedrooms closed off for a portion of the day. She had so much to look at and listen to, she kept moving. No problem getting her 10K steps in!

Today she's been out for most of the day and has found several spots to settle down for a nap. We have several toys and she's found one to her liking, but she's constantly checking out things and listening to the various sounds around. Haven't found a good fishing line yet. We found a kid fishing pole and my husband put a nylon fly on the end but she is disinterested.

She's eating, drinking and using the box just fine.

We just went to look for her and found her on Thomas' top bunk of his bunkbed. He'll like that.

Thanks for the update, Sue! At this point, Missy's had her first appointment with her new vet, which Sue scheduled right away for her last week (see what good hands Missy's in?). Hope everything checked out well! We're thrilled to hear Missy is settling in.


Marlene said...

That's great news. Yay for Missy!

Webbthistle said...

Sounds as if Missy has found the perfect furrever home and family for her - great news!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Love reading the updates. Even we readers get attached to the fosters! Great furever family, Missy!

angie said...

yay pretty girl!!

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