Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is so not dignified

Sara's been on antibiotics since we brought her home to help her get over her kitty cold. Unfortunately, this means she's had to tolerate our attempts to administer those meds every morning. We're newbies on that front, to say the least.

There's been a lot of squirming and meowing, but I have to say, Sara's been very patient overall -- no scratching or hissing. The only problem was that she wasn't keeping her meds down. As soon as they went in, they came right back out.

At last, I think we've found a solution.

We swaddle Sara in a blanket to keep her still and then hold her upright for 30 minutes after the meds go in. This seems to allow her stomach to settle. Once she's feeling less gaggy, we offer her a treat. And then life is all better. Right, Sara?

Hmm, maybe we'll check back with you on that after you're done with today's dose.


angie said...

oh wow, why haven't i thought of that? do you know how many scratches i've suffered trying to give a cat 1 pill, only for her to spit it back in my face?? you, my friend, are a genius! i can't WAIT for the next time a cat needs meds! ;)

oh, and miss sara, red is definitely your color!

Leslie said...

Desperation breeds ingenuity? ;)

Sara's all bundled up in my arms as I'm typing this. Only two more days and she won't have to put up with this anymore, poor thing. She's glad her experience will be helpful to other kitties though!

Marlene said...

I agree with Angie, red is definitely Sara's color. I've been so lucky with my cats in terms of medication. I used to have to give Q a pill and liquid medication twice daily and he was such a trooper about getting both. 9 is not as cooperative, but he hasn't spit meds out yet...

Leslie said...

Lucky you, Marlene! We had hacking and spitting and projectile pills the first week. Then we switched to liquid antibiotics to see if that would give us better luck. Happy to say that's going way better, but it was a learning experience.

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