Friday, December 4, 2009

Sara's story

Earlier this week, I took Sara to the SHS to have her shots updated. While the lovely folks there were taking care of her, I got some more information on Miss Fuss in Boots.

It looks like Sara was born in March 2002, which makes her a very well cared for seven-year-old. Dieter and I were completely surprised to find out she was a middle-aged kitty as she has the energy of a much younger cat. It could be that her time in her previous home, where she had a sister kitty and a small dog to play with, kept her active and therefore in good physical shape. The family that surrendered her wrote in her file that she got along well with the other pets, so it looks like Sara could be an excellent fit for someone who already has other furry friends. That said, she's also very content in a house with just humans, as you already know.

We were also curious about the little shaved patch on her tummy. That's not from any recent surgery -- the SHS just had to make sure Sara had been spayed, so they looked for a scar (check!).

Sara now has a profile on the SHS website. You can view that here. Or you can keep staring at that gorgeous tummy. Sara won't mind.

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