Friday, December 18, 2009

Sara's settling in

"You want me to get in this thing? No way!"

(Sara's never liked being put in a carrier for car rides.)

But she made the trip home without too much protest, according to her new mom, Esther. Here's an update on Sara's first few hours at her place!

Sara protested the car ride the whole way, though not too loudly, so she was quite happy to get home. She was content in her kitty studio until she got a chance to slip out when the door was open and discovered the rest of the house. She immediately proceeded to explore every nook and cranny, questioning constantly the entire way. We think she was looking for you?

She expressed some shock when she met her big sister, Mona, who approached her quite cautiously. So Sara got some kitty timeout back in her studio. She was quite ready to come out after a few hours, but not wanting to leave her alone during the night, we moved her accommodations to our bedroom/bathroom. Of course, she immediately insisted on exploring everything and is indignant that the closet is off limits.

After an hour or so, she settled down, though she loves experimenting with various sleeping spots. We even got to snuggle under the covers a few times. This morning I introduced her to her personal kitty theater (our bedroom window ledge), which she loves.

Sara's still not over her kitty cold, so she'll be seeing her new vet shortly. Sending get-well wishes to you, little girl. And thanks, Esther, for the update!

Technical alert: We've gotten at least one report that the comment form on this blog isn't working. If you try to comment and run into problems, please e-mail us so we can report it to Blogger. At this time, we haven't been able to reproduce the error, so whatever information you can provide is greatly appreciated!


Esther said...

Hey Leslie,

Trying out your new comment settings, so hope this appears. I realized we now desperately need to replace our broken camera because I've been dying to take pictures of Sara. Anyhow, thanks for the reassurances about Sara's toilet habits, though I'm still uncomfortable with her going so infrequently. Hope your vacation is going well! Love your posts as always!

Leslie said...

Yay! I was hoping the fix would work.

I know, I get worried whenever the litterbox goes unvisited too long for my "sense" of what's normal, but it's good that we worry, I think, rather than not. Sara is clearly in wonderful hands :)

Annie said...

Yay for update on Sara! I hope there will be more to come. Not only is an extremely photogenic (for a black kitty even!), but her personality always seem to shine through in the pictures.

Happy Holidays!

Leslie said...

Thanks Annie! We hope for more updates too :)

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Great news!! Esther, thanks for the update. We'll look forward to pics (eventually...LOL!)

And Leslie, have an awesome vacation! You and Deiter so deserve it!

Leslie said...

Thanks, Lisa! You too. We're thinking of you and all that snow ...

HubbleSpacePaws said...

It was back to work today... fortunately with the snow being over the weekend, things were pretty clear!

But still, none of the kittehs wants to go explore the white stuff. Bummer! Well, maybe next time!

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