Saturday, July 9, 2011

A few more anniversaries

We're home and so are the kitties! Both are glad to be back in our house. Lily's soaking up the sun from the big window in her room and Meow Meow is in her usual place -- waiting by my chair at the kitchen table as soon as she smells coffee.

Thursday was Meow Meow's one-year adoption anniversary, so in honor of her, we're devoting this post to some videos I've been saving for a while. There are innumerable reasons we love her; these are just a few:

Her daily greetings ...

Our morning routine ...

And, of course, the irresistible tap-tap-tap she offers when she wants love. It's the move that stole my heart and I've never regretted it.

The other special somebody who has a certain claim on my affections married me five years ago today, so we'll be celebrating that anniversary this weekend as well. Without further ado, then, we're off! Till next week, friends :)

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