Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Turning a corner

In anticipation of a week's worth of visitors (two different sets, back to back!), Dieter moved the couches in our living room so that they'd be more conversation friendly -- face to face, rather than at right angles.

What does this have anything to do with Lily? Well, note her position:

Suddenly, the high-traffic walkway from the kitchen to the stairs and the garage is visible along its entire length from the safety of one spot on the floor (before, the couch was aligned parallel to the corridor, offering a more limited view). For Lily, this means more hanging out rather than having to change to "safer" observation points every time someone moves. Our guests arrived Sunday, and not only has Lily stayed close by, but she's also adjusted to these new presences very quickly. (Oh yes, she's even asked for kitty love from these total strangers.)

Amazing what a little change can do.

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