Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plans afoot

Guess who hopped up here all by herself ...

... while a certain other kitty was hanging out on a favorite cushion? (Hint: it wasn't Meow Meow.)

There were no hisses, swats, or growls from either cat when Lily decided to claim a seat on the couch. And for a good part of the evening, this arrangement seemed to be quite agreeable.

I've been slow to post these shots, which I took on the last day of May -- an imminent visit from family had us scrambling to finish some home improvement projects for a bit. So my apologies. I'm happy to say, though, that intermittent exposure has offered us some real success in getting Lily and Meow Meow used to each other.

It will take more time until we're comfortable letting them hang out together unsupervised, but we'll keep at it. After we get back from our own visit to see family (D's side), that is. We leave in a week! Which means I need to start getting the kitties ready for our absence. At the moment, I don't think they suspect anything unusual in their schedule ...

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