Saturday, June 4, 2011

And now, an update

Spaghetti and Meatball, the pair of kitties whom we fostered last spring, celebrated their one-year adoption anniversary in late May. Happiness and good wishes to you, girls!

In honor of our former fosters, we have an update with photos from their mom, Laura:

Spaghetti is WEIRD. She is our jittery not-that-little kitty, but she has lost 2 more pounds this year! She was resistant to extended affection/pets/attention for a long time, so we let her be until she told us she was ready for loves. Her and I have a morning routine that involves snuggles that makes my heart go all squishy. Her favorite places to hang out are on our bed in a cave of blankets (when the bed isn't made, she will burrow into the comforter), on top of the couch looking out the window to ensure no birds are in the neighborhood for long (I'm guessing -- I really have no idea what she's looking for) and in the enclosed penthouse of the kitty condo.

Meatball warmed up the fastest and has been granting tummy rubs for at least 11 months. She's a pretty little princess -- fastidiously grooming and adorably prancing around the house. Meatball runs to the door when Adam gets home (and maybe me, but I'm not inside to see it), even if she's in the middle of an extended affection or grooming session. It's very sweet and one of my favorite things she does. She still does the reach up for her meals, which is another one of my favorite Meatball tricks. :) Her favorite places to hang out are in the kitty bed on the window seat, the edge of our bed and on an office chair we have. Her least favorite part of the last year was her haircut; I think she is pretty vain. :)

Delighted to know all is well! Thanks, Laura, for the news.

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