Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May I have a turn?

Adjustment is happening more quickly than we anticipated!

On Lily's side, we've got unprecedented attention-seeking behavior -- she's leaving her suite of her own accord, looking for people to be near. Granted, once she's downstairs in the living room, she heads straight for the corner behind the end table next to the couch where she snoozes most of the time she's "out," but she's clearly happier to be in the space we primarily occupy.

I gave Lily some lap time on a recent afternoon while Meow Meow watched quietly from the stair landing. Out of curiosity, I called Meow Meow to me -- she still answers readily to her name -- and was encouraged when she padded over a little uncertainly ...

... and peeked up at this:

Meow Meow hopped up onto the couch as usual, at which point Lily opened her eyes and made her displeasure known. Meow Meow hissed back and then jumped down. Okay, I thought, that's to be expected.

Instead of retreating to the stair landing, though, here's where she stayed:

Yeah, Meow Meow totally knows how to work those eyes. I hated to deny her the cuddles I knew she wanted, but it's all toward more peaceful kitty coexistence. And I'd say we're making progress ...

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