Monday, November 15, 2010

You're going about this all wrong

Poor Meow Meow. Just when she'd finished getting over her bug, Mom had to go have surgery. (Turns out the health snafu from September was an impacted kidney stone that needed to be taken out.) Which means Meow Meow's been doing a lot of this since Wednesday:

Dieter has a firm rule about not letting Meow Meow into our bedroom (too many non-kitty-proof items), but we didn't want her to be lonely while I was stuck in bed. So he put up the kitty gate (which, to our amazement, she's never tried to leap) so she could see me.

She paced and cried and scolded and otherwise let us know that this was NOT how recovery is meant to be handled. As far as she was concerned, she wanted in so she could take matters into her own paws and tongue (I'm guessing she thought a good cuddle and a bath would set everything right?).

I'm finally moving around the house a little more today, to Meow Meow's relief. She was so glad to have me back that when I knelt down to give her some head scritches, she stretched up on her hind legs with an enormous purr and rubbed her jaw against my cheek. Such lovely greetings!

I missed her too.


Martin Hooper said...

She would have been a better way of getting better... ;)

Anju said...

I'm guessing a good cuddle and a bath wouldn't hurt.

Marlene said...

Awwww, poor Meow Meow and poor you! I hope you're recovering quickly!

Karen said...

I hope your recovery goes well!!

I had surgery in April and the first day I spent in bed with my Kasey plastered to my side the entire day. Nothing was better than waking up off and on and feeling and hearing a purring kitty beside you.

When I was able to move out to the couch for the day, Kasey slept between my feet the whole time.

They just know when you need the attention most!

Leslie said...

Martin -- alas, Dieter was having none of it. But he was very kind and offered plenty of comfort on his own :)

Anju -- Meow Meow made up for lost time as soon as I was able to get out of bed. I do wonder what she'd be like with kittens.

Marlene -- thank you. We're both doing better. Hopefully this is the end of all the health messiness.

Karen -- I would have loved to have Meow Meow with me like your Kasey! It's true; she knew what I really wanted. Sounds like Kasey took very good care of you.

angie said...

so sweet!!! i can't believe she gets on the counter, but doesn't jump the baby gate. but the way she sits and watches you is so cute!

hope you're feeling better and getting plenty of meow meow loving! :)

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