Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well, you look familiar ...

Guess who's adoption anniversary was last week?

Say hello to Jada, our very first foster.

Here's what her dad Trevor has to say about Jada's first year in her permanent home with big brother Bluto, who appears to be her long-lost twin:

Hey guys! We love J so much! It took her a while for her true personality to show, but it's showing! I think it took her quite some time to adjust to Bluto, but they are getting along just fine.

She has a couple of favorite toys, is very motivated by treats, and her favorite activity is to lay on my chest in bed, and have her hands on my throat. The first couple times were kinda uneasy, but I have gotten used to it. I think she is stealing my body heat when she does that. She has her days when she doesn't want to get along with anyone, and other days when she is everywhere all at once.

She is very curious, and pretty defensive of her room and bed. She has a bed, and a nice red velvet blanket to sleep on, and sometimes Bluto wants in on the sleeping too.

Thanks to Trevor for the update and Brittney (Jada's mom) for the pictures. Happy first anniversary to the whole family! We're so glad to hear everyone's doing well.

We have another update from another of our adoptive kitty families that I'll post soon. Stay tuned!


Marlene said...

So nice to see Jada again! Lovely to hear how she is doing. Can't wait for more foster updates!

Esther said...

Yay! Hope you're feeling better, Leslie, and it's good to finally find out what was causing your distress.

I'm sorry I haven't kept you updated in a while, but it took us forever to replace our camera, and now we have several (as part of our phones!)

Here's a link to recent pictures of Sara, though I have some in our album from your site when I didn't have any to post. If it bothers you for us to include them, let me know. They're so cute, I couldn't help but include them.

I'm surprised you don't have a Facebook account, though I just found Dieter's. :)



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