Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oliver's story

To be honest, we're not entirely sure what his beginnings were. We just know he was found with several littermates at a few weeks of age in a cardboard box someone abandoned in a parking lot in our hometown.

My sister's boyfriend's sister's friend (yes, that's the chain of connections) told the boyfriend's sister about the kittens, and Oliver eventually became Nick's (the boyfriend's) birthday gift. In Oliver's two years of life, he's lived in Nick's college apartment, Nick's parents' home, and now here while Nick is in grad school housing in Boston (the no pet policy was fairly rigid). So Oliver's commuter dad visits when he can and my sister, whom you've met before, takes care of his daily needs. She's a fairly new kitty mom -- Oliver moved here in January -- but she's been doing a wonderful job.

Oliver spends most of the day snoozing or hanging out with his friend Hobbes, a stuffed kitty (see above) that Nick gave my sister before Oliver came into the picture. Oliver enjoys carrying him around by the neck like his very own. Interestingly, though, he seems to prefer being an only cat, according to his parents, when real kitties are around ...


Marlene said...

Goodness, what a beauty! I love orange kitties :)

Not sure if you do the whole blog award thing, but I did give you one. Stop by at 9 and Chani's blog to pick it up :)

hugs and snorgles to Oliver!

P.S. I have a friend who had a ginormous ginger kitty named Oliver. I likened him to a linebacker football kitty, all 20 lbs of him. Great kitty.

Leslie said...

Aww, thanks, Marlene :). I'll pop on over shortly.

A 20 pound kitty??? Wow. I imagine it was quite the experience to be tackled by him ... Oliver's a pretty trim 8! It feels weird to me when I pick him up after having our heavier girls last month. I'd gotten used to their heft and size.

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