Monday, October 8, 2012

All that rumbly goodness

Leslie behind the keyboard today -- we're all well, and Meow Meow's enjoying the extended sunshine we've been getting, even though it's October. Seattle is not known for sunny Octobers.

One of the things we've always found amazing about Meow Meow is how loud her purr is. It's resonant enough to be heard across a room above the whir of the cooling fans in some electronic devices (and around here, with D's tech junkie tendencies, there are many cooling fans in operation). My phone mic can't record at such a distance to give you an idea of just how beautiful that contented rumble can be even from 15 feet away, but I did recently sample the joy up close for your listening pleasure.

Jaw-rubbing and pawing to ask for loves are bonus visuals. Apologies for the glaring light, though ...

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