Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home improvements

There is never a shortage of cozy spots here even when Mom isn't laid out on the sofa. This week, she and Dad were hardly around -- something about picking up furniture for the nursery that they found on Craigslist. (Craigslist? What's that?)

They have, so far, acquired an IKEA crib frame and chair, the former now assembled and the latter still awaiting some nuts and bolts. I'm a bit dubious about the comfort of the crib -- it looks suspiciously like a cage. Mom insists it will be better once there's a new mattress in the bottom, which is currently nothing but wooden slats. I much prefer my fluffy kitty bed and blanket, thank you very much! Especially when it's fresh out of the laundry. Mom and Dad finally caved and replaced the ancient washer that came with the house -- it wasn't draining every third load or so -- and now the new machine (which happens to reside in the kitty suite) gets my bed extra dry after the spin cycle. Mom was impressed and wonders why they didn't do this sooner.

The machine is also much quieter than the previous one, but it still makes enough noise that I prefer to hang out elsewhere while it's running. As you can see, I'm not picky about alternate accommodations. And perhaps if I'm on Mom's purse, it'll keep her from going out so much ...

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