Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Expanding horizons, sort of

Lily is getting more comfortable exploring the new space we've offered her this week. Check out her, um ... opinion on the spare room. (The space is a little messy, but we have plans for it as more than just a temporary storage space for our junk -- my thesis has to get done first, though!)

We were curious about how playful Lily might be since some of the previous reports in her file suggest that she's not especially interested. Apparently, no one's tried a laser pointer with her:

Yes, she's a twelve-year-old. But she tracks like the most playful of kittens! (And no, none of our previous very talented fosters' skills were even close.)

But of course, once playtime ends, Lily likes one thing best for winding down:

Mm hmm. Whoever gets her has to love this bundle of cozy draped over the knees, even while sitting on the floor.

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