Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everything's better with catnip

Lily is our first foster to have a true affinity for the green stuff that makes kitties go wild -- if they have the genes for it.

Meow Meow does not, from what we can tell. When we were trying to train her to use a scratching post, we rubbed it all over with catnip, hoping to attract her. No dice. After eight months, she still responds only to the material covering it (microfiber, like the sofas we were protecting).

But on Lily's outings downstairs, we started to notice how drawn she was to the post -- not to scratch, but to rub her head all over it. There was wriggling and rolling and other general expressions of bliss. So Dieter took out the bag we'd had in storage, which drew her right to him in an instant.

We took the opportunity to give Lily some playtime. Laser pointer, watch out! Ribbons and the like are apparently in the running now to be Lily's favorite toy. (Sorry for the lighting issues -- the new camera has better sound quality than the last but I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust the white balance.)

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