Thursday, July 15, 2010

Windows of opportunity

Meow Meow quickly located the best sunning spots in the house a day or two after we brought her home as a foster. Lately, we've been keeping her favorite windows open (with screens in place) to let fresh air in. We can hear the birds outside at all hours of the day -- which got me thinking about the eaves and how it might not be too hard to hang a bird feeder or two beneath them.

All in the name of kitty entertainment.


Anju said...

She has you well trained.

I had to take down my bird feeder. The neighbors thought it was too messy.

Leslie said...

She really does, Anju :)

We're lucky that these windows overlook our side yard -- not an area in prominent view.

Marlene said...

I often think about ways to improve my condo for the kitties' sake. It's just how we who are owned by kitties are.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, yeah... we think of their comfort first.

angie said...

what great windowsills! perfect kitty size.

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