Saturday, July 10, 2010

On endurance

Okay. Meow Meow's story as promised.

Really, it's a tale of two kitties -- Meow Meow's sister, Mimi (not our Mimi), was admitted with her into the shelter at the end of January. Both of them were very sick, and shortly after their arrival, Mimi passed away.

It's not clear what their immediate care situation was before they were brought in, but it seems that they had had a loving home for some time and then ended up losing that. By the time Meow Meow reached the shelter, she had painful mouth ulcers preventing her from eating, and not long afterward, she developed an upper respiratory infection. Weight began to drop from her already petite frame.

With these challenges to her health and the loss of her sister, it was questionable whether Meow Meow would rally. But with lots of TLC from the folks at the SHS, she did -- by the time I picked her up at the end of June, her tongue had healed and her feeding tube, which she had for two months, had been removed.

After hearing Meow Meow's history, I wasn't sure how trusting she would be when I went to introduce myself to her two weeks ago, but she immediately rubbed her head all over my hand as I reached into her cage. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised -- her caregivers at the shelter later told me how calm she's been throughout the various procedures and treatments she's had to endure, and how affectionate she's remained since.

She's just a lovebug. And without question, a resilient one.

Many thanks to everyone at the SHS for taking such good care of our new permanent resident!


HeidiK said...

Oh!!! What a lovely lovebug you have there!! Bless her little heart for not holding a grudge against humanity... and I'm so happy she's now in a safe and loving place!!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

I love a happy ending.... errr... beginning!! Congratulations again, Leslie & Dieter! Wishing you many years of warm, wonderful, lovin'!

angie said...

how sad that she lost her sister :( i bet she will love fostering company. :D

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