Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keeping busy

Etta was always very good at that. Can't imagine the mischief she's getting into in her new home -- it's been very quiet here.

We are traveling again rather soon, so we'll have to hold off on getting another foster kitty. Wouldn't be fair for us to have one for just a week, only to have to send it back! Though believe me, I've wanted the companionship.

For now, a little playtime sequence, thanks to Etta and some scrap curtain lining. We had to come up with a new toy to give her poor feather wand a break ...

Hmm, what have we here?

Ope --

-- um --

-- could somebody tie this thing back on the chair for me? Please?


Marlene said...

What a lovely face in that last picture :D Hope you're enjoying your new home Mimi and Etta!!!

Esther said...

So cute. Sara loves dangly things too. :)

Hooray on Etta + Mimi getting adopted, so looking forward to meeting your next foster!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Etta, you are a card! I just know you're wreaking wonderful mayhem in your furever home!

Have a lovely trip, Leslie & Dieter! We'll be looking forward to meeting your new fosters when you return!

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