Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Etta would like to show you

... her favorite place to nap, now that Mimi's had her turn.

It requires a human. Preferably one who likes to sit with his or her legs crooked just right for a kitty to burrow in behind the knees. See?


BethAnn said...

My Bella requires legs for napping but she likes to be inside. She will sit and stare at me (you know the stare, the one that makes you think she will do evil things to you while you sleep if you do not obey) until I bend my one leg to make a triangle for her to fit into. And she cannot lay within the nap triangle without the patented move of placing one paw on top of one of the legs.

angie said...

ooh, my favorite place for a furry one too etta! depending on which side everyone's on, there's either a wiener dog or a kitty there. and it's good, otherwise my knee pits would get cold. ;)

Marlene said...

Very smart girl, that Etta!

Leslie said...

Hi BethAnn! Thanks for stopping by. The nap triangle -- perfect way to describe it. And yes, that unnerving stare. Mimi's better at that than Etta; I get more than slightly creeped out when she fixes her eye on me that way!

Angie -- KNEE PITS! I love it!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Love it! And the "nap triangle!" Great term! Etta, you look soooo content!

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