Thursday, January 21, 2010

An elusive underside

Missy's cues haven't been the easiest to read in her first week here. She'll roll over and show us her tummy, purring invitingly, but any of our attempts to pet it (when given such signals) haven't exactly been welcomed.

We figured Missy just needed time. And to our delight, she told us she was ready to trust us with her belly on Tuesday:

Apologies for the clicking noise -- it's the lens on my (rather old) digital camera adjusting whenever it has to change focus. But Missy really is purring underneath all that.


Annie said...

Omigoodness, everything about her is delicious - tummy, paws, face, everything!

I just love how she does her milkie toes thing in the air as you pet her.

angie said...

lol is that the oldest digital camera in existence?! is there a power crank on the side? :p

oh purr purrrrrr! she looks SO comfortable.

Leslie said...

The camera is vintage 2004. I think it's the original Coolpix by Nikon -- no power crank, but it sounds like it, no? ;)

The alternative is a little USB webcam I can plug into my laptop, but it doesn't have good sound pick-up. So it's either hear nothing or everything ...

Oh, technology.

Marlene said...

What a sweetie. Love her belly and her toes. Goodness.

hehe on the camera. Yes, you gotta love technology, don't you?

kittykye said...

Those footin twitches, ohmigosh, that was SO cute!

Bev said...

Do be careful with the tummy...sometimes Oliver lets me pet his tummy, but then other times he lets me for a while before grabbing my wrist with his little paws and chomping down.

Leslie said...

Missy's cues are getting easier to read -- she's learned to press a front paw gently on us when she's had her fill (she tends not use her front paws to touch us usually), and we stop right away to reinforce that behavior instead of the biting.

Have you tried watching Oliver's ears and tail, Bev? Missy will start to flatten her ears ever so slightly when she gets overstimulated and her tail starts to twitch.

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