Saturday, January 5, 2013

A few more weeks to go?

Happy 2013! Yes, our holiday season flew by -- between Turkey Day, a side trip to Boston for a baby shower thrown by Meow Meow's aunts, and Christmas, we have hardly been home. Which has meant few updates here.

So, what news? Well, Meow Meow, in our absence, has been living it up at her Uncle Dani's, where she got to meet a new kitty. Dani had become so smitten with Meow Meow over the last few years that he decided to get a female companion for his man cat, Shantino (a.k.a., Shanti or Bino). Dani named the new lady of the house Shantina (a.k.a., Bina), hoping that the two would get along as famously as Meow Meow and Bino seemed to.

Of course, that's not quite how it initially went.

Bina is apparently quite territorial and has routed Bino from the indoors. Bino doesn't mind the outside porch and garden in the least, but his food and water are in the house. Unfortunately, Bina gives chase whenever he appears, sending him straight for the cat flap in the window. A squirt bottle to deter her and a pheromone collar to calm her have been only marginally effective.

Meow Meow, though, hasn't seemed to provoke Bina, minus some routine hissing. And that even stopped after Bina saw Meow Meow hanging out with Dani on his bed -- you'd think that would have made her even more inclined to stake her claim to the house, but no such hostilities between the girls ever came to light.

All interesting for us, as Meow Meow's sibling is supposed to arrive in as few as three weeks (possibly even sooner, but we're hoping he'll stay put at least until then), and we're not sure what she'll think of that. I suspect, after her experience with Bina, that Meow Meow just doesn't play the territory game.

But she does protest when she doesn't get lap time. Of late, she's had to adjust to the shape of said lap, but she still fits very easily. See?

No promises after you-know-who gets here, though ...

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