Monday, November 5, 2012

I am NOT your squeaky toy

Meow Meow is a very tolerant kitty. She's always accepted the various cat care operations we've had to perform on her without too much protest -- nail clipping, teeth cleaning, even disinfecting and bandaging her back paws when she rounded a carpeted corner a little too quickly and yanked out almost all of her hind claws such that they bled (it's a long story we'll save for another day). In short, she possesses admirable patience.

Which, occasionally, Dieter takes advantage of for his own entertainment.

While Meow Meow will roll onto her side with abandon to accept belly rubs, she hates being put on her back. Here's what happened when Dieter, in a moment of mischief, decided to find out how long it would take for her to get out of such a predicament in her favorite place, a nice warm lap:

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