Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meow Meow has an announcement

Hi! Meow Meow here. I'm writing for Mom because she's been under the weather for the last two months -- which you might think is a total drag, but for me, it means TONS of time next to her while she's curled up on the sofa. Best two months EVER.

Mom is almost back on her feet again, but she's asked me to tell you that I'm going to get a sort-of sibling in February. A human one. She finally told her friends at the Humane Society (who occasionally visit this blog) so now I can share the news officially. I have no idea what the sort-of sibling will be like, but Mom has been knitting a lot lately, which has also been lots of fun for me. See?

I like this sock. I like whacking the back ends of Mom's knitting needles even more when she's using them. So far, I've only made her lose three stitches, but she's been cool about it.

I may be the one updating the blog for a little while, but Mom promises to take more pictures of me so you can see what I've been up to. In fact, she's got a backlog to post (most of them taken while she was lying on the sofa), so look for more shortly.

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