Monday, March 12, 2012

A slight shift in venue

So what happened to February?

Well, several things. The first is that the room in which we'd been doing our fostering began undergoing a makeover that wasn't kitty-friendly, so for the time being, the only resident cat is sweet little Meow Meow. She says hi.

The second thing, which I've been dying to post but couldn't until all was finalized, is that I have a new volunteer position at the Humane Society. All the photo-taking and video-making I've been doing here for the last two years and change? I'm now officially doing it for the kitties at the shelter. I trained during the second half of February and finally started working last Friday.

I'm thrilled to be able to work with so many more cats who need help finding new families. The first little lady I met last week was Penny Lane, whose video (original footage shot by the marketing department) is below. I'm hoping to post more regularly now that training is done, so stay tuned for more updates! And of course, check out the other darling furries on the Seattle Humane YouTube channel ...

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