Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Like bookends

Meow Meow had another luxurious stay at the Hotel Shanti while we were traveling for Christmas. Shanti's dad managed to catch both cats on the window seats he'd installed and sent us this picture shortly before we got home. I was reminded of a pair of bookends -- though in truth, Shanti is rarely still whenever we visit him. I can't imagine him sitting on any shelf for long!

We are glad to have Meow Meow back, especially after nearly two weeks in a kitty-less home. She, too, seems delighted to have our morning routine again, rolling on her back to beg for tummy rubs as I come down the stairs and jumping into my lap as soon as I sit down for breakfast. If only the return for us could be so easy! (I won't get into the details of unpacking, replenishing our groceries, sorting through the accumulated junk mail, doing trip laundry ...)

More updates soon, including some backlogged Christmas news. Until then, happy 2012!

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