Friday, February 25, 2011

A problem of perspective

Lily is really hard to get on camera.

She's all about head-bumping and jaw-rubbing and lap-sitting and, in general, lavishing us with kitty adoration. So catching a still shot of her is nearly impossible right now. I mean, short of asking Dieter to stand on the bathroom counter, there's no getting the camera far enough away for a proper portrait. By which I mean one without significant blur.

My best opportunity this week came as Lily was about to hop into my lap. She's an energetic little lovebug, but here's what I was able to manage. (At this point, I consider anything head-on a success! Pay no attention to that pesky camera strap ...)

As for anything I was able to get while she was in my lap, even shooting video was a challenge (in part because I was essentially talking into my torso and because Lily was trying very hard to rub her head there too).

I can't say I mind her affection.

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