Saturday, July 13, 2013

Somebody's newly aware ...

... of his big sis.

Up until recently, Owen didn't really give Meow Meow much thought. She'd hop up next to him on the couch when he was having a bottle, but aside from the glance or two she'd garner, she provoked marginal interest at best. (Eating, I suppose, was hard enough to figure out for this guy.)

Owen's eating better now (yay!) and, at five months old, he's much more fascinated by the world around him. In the last few weeks, he's been attempting to make friends with his fur sibling. I had him on my lap one afternoon when Meow Meow came over to cuddle. He was delighted.

I think she was wary of his new reaching and scooting skills -- he wiggled his way over to her on his belly -- but she can move quite competently on all fours. Owen, not so much. Crawling's not far off, though ...

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